What we're about

Rollerdoor is a brand new performance space that is offering experimental and improvising musicians and artists a chance to show new and developing works in a flexible and eclectic space. Rollerdoor started out as an accompaniment to window99 gallery openings allowing both the artists and outside performers to showcase works that they had been developing. After 6 months of performances we have now decided to develop Rollerdoor into a more focussed entity in the arts community.

While still being a major part of the window99 openings and developing and hosting shows for this event Rollerdoor will also be branching out in the new year into more gigs, hopefully showcasing up and coming players and groups in Melbourne's improvised music scene.

15 June, 2011

April opening at Window99 and Rollerdoor performance space

April saw a fresh face emerge with Ben Woods exhibiting in both the front installation space and the palmer street windows. Rollerdoor was treated to it's first real time performance work since opening up with Keira Brew Kurec performing her two hour durational piece give me a shot in the space. Though the nights were starting to get colder we still had a great turn out and we drank the night away to the sounds of gunfire and the clinking of shot glasses.

07 June, 2011

March "Suburbia" Group Show Opening

Man what an opening. gigantic show with 14 artists doing some amazing works. Props go to Jess O'Brien for doing a fantastic job of curating the Brunswick street window space as well as Dom Kavanagh, Llawella Lewis and Leo Kavanagh and Marie Schoenmaker for there works in the side windows. Patinka Cha Cha who played in Rollerdoor were fantastic despite being a few members down. Fantastic songs and awesome sounding live band. Am definitely going to have them in the space again. Brigitte Lewis and Niccollo Palandri were also amazing in a spoken word poetry duet composed specifically for the event. All in all it was an amazing night and every artist has to be commended for their hard work. Thanks also have to go to Print City, Mountain Goat and Coolaz for their sponsorship of the event.

27 February, 2011

February Opening

hey all. just checking and letting you know we have some fresh pics from our february opening that happened on the 12th. The opening went beautifully as you can see with a great turn out. Daniel Ali and Rhiannon Kings works look amazing and Ballads who were playing that night sounded fantastic. check them out in the future if you can. Looking forward to a gigantic March opening for the 'Suburbia' group show. Got some fantastic music happening as well as some spoken word and poetry on the night. should be very cool.

cheers Leo

28 November, 2010

Our first post

This is Rollerdoors first foray into the world of the internet and we hope you like our page and what we're about. If you have any questions, enquiries or even just cool stuff to show us please feel free to drop us a line or link on the page or on our email. We also have a facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001914671516 that you can checkout as well. Hopefully will be posting plenty of new and varied music that i'm finding about the place in the coming months so hopefully you like that as well.
To start off this is a drummer/composer called Tyshawn Sorey playing Jesse Elders group in NY. The song is called 'Surrender'. This guy is the stuff! Thats all that needs to be said! Period! Full stop.